The Best Bali Boho Picnic Setup Options (2023)

When you have your heart set on a stunning Bali Boho Picnic Setup for your next celebration, but you want to take it that extra mile! Check out our best Boho Picnic options and ideas.

1. Peacock Chair

A stunning Boho Picnic Setup add on! Perfect for photo ops and that extra decoration that your guest of honour will love. And we have the most affordable Peacock Chair Hire in Bali.

2. Desserts

Every special guest deserves something sweet to eat! We can create a beautiful desserts table set up with customised cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, chocolates, fruits & more. Totally customisable to your desires, colours and tastes. Or just a cake or cupcakes made and delivered to you. The perfect Bali Boho Picnic Setup add on.

3. Drinks Station

Depending on your chosen venue, we can arrange drinks stations with a range of options. If you’d like a simple table with wine buckets and iced bubbly & wine. Or a fruit punch bowl with glasses and ladles. Perhaps just some mixers, ice and garnishes to make your own cocktails. Or a full bar set up with your own private bartender. Whatever your needs, we can make it happen!

4. Private Bartender

One of the beauties about Bali is having hired help for extremely affordable rates. Sit back, relax and enjoy each others company at your Bali Picnic Setup where you can have a bartender take care of the drinks for you, while you don’t need to lift a finger or take your precious time away from celebrating.

5. Topless Waiter

A classy event does not mean you cannot have some eye candy and extra fun! Perfect for a Bali Hens Party Picnic Setup, Ladies Day, Birthday or anything in between. Have a shirtless babe serve your drinks while you relax and picnic away.

6. Pampering

While you relax on your picnic rugs and cushions, how about add on some mobile Pampering to have manicures, pedicures, massages & more? Now that is really treating yourselves!

7. Garden Games

Add on some extra fun to your Bali Boho Picnic Setup with some classic garden games! Giant Jenga, Ring Toss, Cornhole and more.

8. Balloons

To add that extra pizzazz to your Bali Boho Picnic setup, we can add on balloon arches, garlands or displays. Including delivery, set up, colours of your choice and even letters or numbers to suit your Bali Birthday Party number or Hens name (for example.)

9. Lighting

If your Boho Picnic Setup falls over sunset or the evening we cannot recommend enough some lighting to really jazz up your space! We can add on Festoon or Fairy Lighting.

10. DIY Workshops

For an activity to match your Bali Boho Picnic Setup perfectly; Add on a DIY Workshop such as Flower Crowns, Balinese Flower Bath, Hibiscus Body Scrub, Organic Toothpaste, Detox Bath Soak, Soaps & more.

11. Drag Queen Performer

One of our most popular party add ons for Bali Hens Parties, Birthdays & more. Spice up the day or night with an incredibly fun Drag Queen performance on your Boho Picnic Setup. You can choose a theme/artist or have the queen perform their fave.

12. Tarot Reader

For a bit of light hearted Tarot Reading to add some extra Bali fun to your Boho picnic setup. We have professional tarot and spiritual readers who can come to your event and do short, positive readings for every guest.

13. Fans / Shade

Its no secret that Bali can be extremely hot! And depending on your event time of the day you may require some extra shade or cooling down. We can add on hire of super cute hand held fans to breeze the heat away. Or umbrellas that also double as an extra decoration for your Boho Picnic Setup.

14. Lace Teepee

Another stunning Bali Boho Picnic Setup add on that is super popular! For that extra decoration and real picnic feel.

15. Photographer

We can include a local photographer to capture your special moments at your picnic setup! We only require 1 hour minimum and our rates are incredibly affordable.

Ask Us about your date/time for photographer availability

Ready to start building your dream Bali Boho Picnic event? 

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