Your event will be booked by Bali Boho Co on the basis of the following terms and conditions.
The event has been booked by us on your behalf with various Service Providers such as catering, decoration, staff and delivery companies. Each Service Provider may have their own terms & conditions applying to your travel and/ or function/events. It is important to understand all applicable terms & conditions. By booking with Bali Boho Co you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of each supplier. If you require additional information to that contained in the provided information then we recommend that you contact us.


Your responsibilities: If you wish to change your booked date you must contact us with change requests. Changes may be subject to a change fee. You are responsible for checking over all confirmed booking confirmation details. If there is an error that is unnoticed by you you will be responsible for any change fees or cancellations.


Deposits are strictly non-refundable, however dates, times, locations or event inclusions may be transferred with an applicable change fee and where possible. Cancellations on bookings made will incur 100% cancellation fee. Where possible any monies paid can be transferred to a credit to re-book a new date agreed upon. Each supplier has their own terms & conditions, therefore refunded amounts and transferring of events is subject to these terms & conditions at the time of canceling. The Cancellation Fee will apply in all cases where an event is able to run.

If Bali Boho Co cancels your event, you will be entitled to a full refund minus a 10% admin fee.

We do not take responsibility if you or any parties in your group are late and any inclusions are forfeited due to this. Whether traffic, miscommunication or unforeseen circumstances.

If a refund has been offered in any case Bali Boho Co will endeavour to have this processed immediately and within a maximum of 7 days. However if a refund from a supplier is required for this it is subject to their refund processing times and terms & conditions.

If a booking is cancelled by the supplier or venue due to not abiding by the terms and conditions or instructions of the company there will be no refund offered. It is at the discretion of the supplier and their staff whether your booking will go ahead. Bali Boho Co will not be responsible for any refusal made by the supplier.

Mobile event venues are your responsibility. In the case where a mobile event is booked that you wish to cancel or is required to be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances no refund will be issued.

If an event is forced to cancel due to government restrictions, laws or enforcements or any travel bans you will be entitled to a date postponement. Each supplier would be dealt with on a case by case basis and is subject to each supplier’s own terms and conditions and capabilities.


We endorse the recommendation that all travellers to Bali take out travel insurance. It your personal responsibility to purchase your travel insurance to cover any liability which may be incurred to us or a Service Provider. If (for example) you cannot make your trip to Bali due to natural disasters, this is where travel insurance would be recommended. We cannot refund monies due to no-shows. We can provide invoices and documents to support your travel insurance claims.


A cash security bond is required to be held by your picnic host on the day of the event, to be paid in cash by Indonesian Rupiah. Upon packing down the picnic if there are any noticeable damages, loss or extra cleaning fees some or all of your security bond may be kept by Bali Boho Co.


Regardless of whether you or Bali Boho Co books a venue, you must have a suitable plan B wet weather plan in place. This can include hiring a marquee, relocating the event to another venue or villa provided by you or a date/time change. Bali Boho Co will not offer any refunds for cancellations of events due to weather. Ample notice is required for all plan B options and if other suppliers are booked (for example food, decorations) any plan B changes are subject to their terms and conditions.

If during your event set up time, at your venue, if there is rain, you are responsible for covering or moving all equipment so not to get wet.


By booking with Bali Boho Co and their third party providers you acknowledge and assume all risk associated with activities, events, functions, transport etc. This includes, but is not limited to injury, fatality, alcohol poisoning, altercations with others. You agree to indemnify us from all third party actions, suits, claims, demands & compensation whether caused direct or indirectly by the services we provide. We encourage responsible drinking and will not be liable for any incident occurring under the influence of drugs or substances.


When booking a Bali Boho Co event at your venue you must ensure that your venue/villa has accepted to have events, delivery and outside staff. Bali Boho Co will not be responsible for any cancelled events due to refusal by your venue/accommodation. We require access to the villa approximately 1 hour prior to set ups, depending on the group size and inclusions.