Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Boho Picnic in Bali (2023)

Boho Picnic set ups for Bali events are becoming hugely popular and it’s no wonder why! Stunning set ups with cushions, decorations, flowers and more to create that beautiful, relaxing, special boho theme. To enjoy with delicious gourmet foods and sweets, drinks as you please. And then combine it with some of Bali’s incredible locations and your special event is totally complete! Perfect for a Bali Baby Shower, Hens, Kids Birthday, Bridal Shower and anything in between. But it can be hard to decide on your Bali Boho Picnic set up location so we’ve broken it down for you!

1. The Weather

While there are distinct wet & dry seasons, the great news about Bali is its always warm! So there’s no months you’d be too cold to have an outdoor beautiful Bali Boho picnic. Bali is all about being outside and its all about beautiful experiences that are affordable and fun.

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Boho Picnic Proposals

2. Impress your Guests

There is no doubt that having a Boho Picnic in Bali is one of the most beautiful ways you can celebrate! You don’t have to do any of the work; we will create a stunning Boho Picnic set up in your space or one of our fave venues. Wow your guests and we’ll even let you take the credit for it! Whether you are having a Bali Hens Party or Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Engagement, Proposal, Date Night, Girls Getaway or anything in between, this is not only Bali’s newest type of event but the most stunning!

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3. The Endless Options

The options for a Bali Boho Picnic add ons are endless! You can add on some garden games for a bit of extra fun. Wine or other drinks so that’s taken care of. A topless waiter to add a bit of cheek and spice to a girls getaway or Hens Party. A custom cake for the special celebration. Some pampering so you can really treat yourselves.

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4. The Locations

We have exclusive use of some of the most incredible Bali locations for your Boho Picnic event. Such as our secluded beach with beach bar attached or our stunning rice fields restaurant venue. We can also set up at your private villa and other spots across Bali.

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5. The Atmosphere

Having a Boho Picnic in Bali really sets the mood for a special date or proposal or fun group event. The style of the set up encourages great conversation, enjoying delicious food, admiring incredible views and really sitting back to relax with some fun! If you have a group that is all ages and styles this is something that suits everyone, including grandma! Or if you want to take your special one on a date this is the most romantic and unique experience you can imagine.

6. The Food & Drinks

In our opinion the best type of food for celebrating is grazing! A Bali Boho Picnic set up is best enjoyed with some gourmet grazing boards and delicious wines or cocktails to accompany it. The picnic style set up encourages this style of eating that is social and absolutely delicious! There are lots of options for your style if grazing food too.

Have we convinced you that having a Boho Picnic in Bali is one of the best event celebrations imaginable? Check out our packages here or Ask Us to put together something customised and unique for you. 

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